The World Senior Championships in the age categories "50+" and "65+" have finished in Bled, Slovenia

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World Champions -  Open and Women

Karen Movsziszian from Armenia won the "50+" World Senior Championship with 8.5/11. Georgian GMs Giorgi Bagaturov and Zurab Sturua took the silver and bronze medals with 8/11.

Vlastimil Jansa from Czech Republic and Yuri Balashov from Russia shared the 1st place in the "65+" championship with 9.5/11. Vlastimil Jansa took the gold thanks to his superior tie-break. Nukhim Rashkovsky from Russia won the bronze medal with 8.5 points. 

Elvira Berend from Luxembourg won the "50+" Women's World Senior Championship with 8.5/11. Russian players Tatiana Grabuzova and Galina Strutinskaia finished on the second and the third places with 8/11.

Former Women's World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili from Georgia became the winner of the "65+ World Senior Championship among women with 8.5/11. Valentina Kozlovskaya from Russia finished half a point behind. Ludmila Tsifanskaya from Israel was third with 7, 5/11.

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Ofstad Per from Norway has got the annual award from the Belarus Chess Federation “Kupreichik Cup” for the most beautiful game at the World Senior Championship in fearless style of Viktor Kupreichik.
The Commission, who decided on the award-winner, consisted of GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, GM Yuri Balashov, IM Evgeny Mochalov and Honorary FIDE member Boris Kutin.
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 FIDE Vice-President Anastasia Sorokina, the winner of “Kupreichik Cup” Ofstad Per and GM Adrian Mikhalchishin